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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Who would have thought we’d see the day when direct mail made a comeback? But it’s true, according to a recent survey results showed high response rates, particularly for novel, creatively-shaped mailers that grabbed up to three times the level of attention that online and email campaigns did.

At DMD, we’ve also found direct mail to be one of the most effective ways to generate leads and sales. With well-crafted, direct-response offers, tracking ROI is extremely easy.

5 Reasons to Add Direct Mail to Your Marketing Mix

#1: It’s Safe!

Spam and viruses permeate our online lives to such an extent that we’ve stopped opening suspect emails, stopped clicking on doubtful links and no longer visit unfamiliar websites. This bodes well for direct mail, because your computer won’t crash from opening a mailer.

#2: There’s Less Junk

So many companies have elected to go digital that the average person gets far fewer pieces of junk mail these days. This means they actually open the mail that comes through, instead of automatically trashing it. This gives direct mail a better chance of being seen and read than it has had in 70 years.

#3: Personalization is Particularly Pertinent

The availability of extensive consumer information now makes it possible to buy mailing lists that contain a variety of consumer preferences, which means you can personalize your offering specifically for each market segment. And almost every printing company provides options to do interesting things with direct mail that dramatically boost its chances of being opened and read.

#4: Paper Lasts Longer

Direct mail offers have a much longer “shelf life” than digital, because mail pieces have to be actively thrown into the trash. Virtual offers, however, are simple to delete just by tapping a computer key. Research has found consumers typically set direct mail offers aside to read later, and may keep them close until they decide whether or not to buy. It’s simple for anyone to pick up a direct mail offer that caught his eye, once he is ready to make a buying decision.

#5: It Complements Digital Marketing

Direct mail is a powerful tool in the hands of creative marketers using a range of integrated media. For example, sending a letter that directs recipients to your website for a special offer. Or sending a postcard with a QR code for a special offer available to mobile users only. Tests have proven over and over again that the most effective marketing strategies incorporate both online and offline channels. Since it now takes 7 to 10 touches before a prospect makes a buying decision, incorporating all possible channels increases the certainty that their decision will be to buy from you.

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