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If you’ve ever felt like your website is just a glorified business card, then I’m about to explain why that is, and how to fix it. Allow me to preface this post – you do not have to know anything about web design, graphic design, coding, HTML or anything technical. Website Design Has Nothing To […]

Why Responsive Websites Suck (And Why You Shouldn’t Use One)

This article is written for the person with the mindset that they must do everything as best as it can be done, not for the one who looks for easy solutions. For the business owner who wants to dominate and be number one, and not for the business owner who is satisfied existing as long […]

All Marketing Books Are Worthless, Except for These

Just about every book written about marketing that you can pick up today at a bookstore is worthless. They are just a bunch of meaningless tomes describing ways to trick your market, cheat, entertain, or “be creative” that ultimately amounts to nothing. I know that sounds harsh, but hey—do you realize that you can’t get the time back that you wasted on a lousy book that you read?

3 Things You Should Never Say In Your Advertising

There are certain phrases that, if used in your advertising, will guarantee that your advertising results will be terrible and yes—I do guarantee that you are using them in your ads right now.

3 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

In this short article, I’m going to explain 3 big reasons why traditional Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) does not work well for local companies. However, before I explain the 3 reasons, let’s talk for just a minute about what traditional SEO companies actually do.

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